Serov Natalia


Natalia Serova was born in Tallinn, Estonia.

In 1988 she moved to Russia. She studied art in the Children's School of Arts in Moscow. During those years her father, a famous artist, was her mentor and teacher.

In 1994 she graduated the School of Arts with honors.

In 1997 she chose to study at the Moscow Pedagogical University of Fine Arts.

In the university Serova was taught three specializations: batik (painting on silk), multimedia, and landscape painting. While studying, Serova also worked as a decorator and artist. She carried out art orders for portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes.

In 1998 Natalia participated in the “Golden Brush” exhibition which was held in the Tretyakov Gallery.

In 2001 Natalia began teaching her skill and knowledge to children. She trains groups of children, in which the students study about painting, the academic figure, composition, and discover many interesting things about the world of art.

In 2002 she graduated from the Moscow University with honors and moved to live in the United States, where she currently continues to be engaged in art activity. Natalia draws portraits, still-lifes, and flowers.

In 2005 she began painting Murals.

Currently Natalia is working at an Elementary School and at the same time teaching art to children.